Well…can’t wait to see how Wonder Woman in the new Batman/Superman turns out! HIGH HOPES EVEN HIGHER NOW. /sarcasm

After reading this I feel as though Goyer should be dropped from any comics related adaptation project. The future of Wonder Woman on film does not look very bright. If he can’t take a character like She-Hulk seriously, even for the hypothetical situation of adapting the character for her own film, then how can anyone expect him to take Wonder Woman seriously?



The Trouble With Wonder Woman

This is exactly why I believe any attempt Warner Bros. makes to release a live-action Justice League movie will fail. It won’t have the same epic feeling The Avengers had because Marvel built it up over 5 movies. WB won’t do a Wonder Woman movie, they made a terribad Green Lantern movie with the villain from the second Fantastic Four film, and it doesn’t look like they’ll even make an attempt to do films for The Flash, Aquaman, or Cyborg to properly introduce these characters to people who don’t read the comics.

All the while Marvel is taking risks by producing films like Guardians of the Galaxy (with a talking racoon named Rocket - a film I am most definitely going to see), an Ant-Man movie (albeit AFTER the Age of Ultron film), and has had huge success with the standalone Thor, Captain America and Iron Man films.

In the end, I think it will just end up being a failed experiment on Warner Bros. part.

Rick and Ralph 002 - Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, and Star Trek Into Darkness

  • *Inside a restaurant known as the Undisclosed Location we find Rick sitting in a booth awaiting the arrival of his foul-mouthed cohort, Ralph. He has been sitting here for at least an hour and Ralph still hasn't shown. Then, as if waiting for his cue, Ralph enters the restaurant with a huge grin on his face.*
  • Ralph: Dude! That movie was amazing!
  • Rick: I take it you just came from seeing Man of Steel?
  • Ralph: Damn right I came from seeing Man of Steel. I came all over the fucking place. That movie was insane!
  • Rick: That isn't quite what I meant.
  • Ralph: No shit. The movie ended a couple hours ago, but I am still so hyped about it. I can't wait for the next one.
  • Rick: If you didn't come here from the theatre, then what took you so long to get here?
  • Ralph: I couldn't find the damn place.
  • Rick: I told you where it was over the phone.
  • Ralph: Really? All I heard was a bunch of static.
  • Rick: You're a jerk...
  • Ralph: For once, I am not being sarcastic.
  • Rick: I'm not going to take your word on that.
  • Ralph: Do what you will. Have you ordered yet?
  • Rick: Nope. I can't find a menu.
  • Ralph: Did you ask one of the servers?
  • Rick: I did. They wouldn't "disclose" that information to me.
  • Ralph: Then, why are we here?
  • Rick: I thought it could be cool to try new things.
  • Ralph: Whatever. Back to Man of Steel. Have you seen it yet?
  • Rick: Of course. I liked it a lot...
  • Ralph: But?
  • Rick: ...but I have a couple issues with it.
  • Ralph: How? That movie did just about everything right. What could you have possibly seen wrong with Man of Steel that I did not?
  • Rick: They aren't terribly major issues. Just a few gripes.
  • Ralph: Okay. What are they?
  • Rick: First, I had an issue with the pacing of the movie at one or two moments of the film. For example, the moment when Clark starts searching through the Kryptonian ship buried under the ice. I felt like there was a scene or two cut from the film that would have eased us into that moment a little easier.
  • Ralph: I caught that, too, but that isn't something that ruined the whole movie.
  • Rick: True. Then there was the fact that half of Metropolis was turned into a crater in the attempt to save it. The Avengers didn't even come close to the amount of citywide damage that Superman did.
  • Ralph: Well, what are you going to expect when you have a bunch of Kryptonians duking it out, smashing each other through buildings. Let's not forget the machine that Zod set loose upon the whole world!
  • Rick: That brings me to my last issue. Superman kills Zod.
  • Ralph: That he did, but they have a good explanation for that.
  • Rick: Did they bring that explanation to the forefront of the movie?
  • Ralph: Of course. Superman isn't someone who is going to willingly kill someone for the sake of saving the world. This is one of those things that makes him better than humans. However, there are those times when an enemy is too dangerous to be allowed to live. As we saw after Zod died, Clark was distraught by his decision to kill one of his own kind.
  • Rick: You know, Ralph. You make a lot of sense.
  • Ralph: You're just figuring this out? What I'd like to know is, how does someone go from directing Sucker Punch to directing Man of Steel?
  • Rick: Technically, it wasn't the direction that was the issue. The direction was wonderful. It was the writing that was horrendous.
  • Ralph: That I can see.
  • Rick: There was no cohesiveness to the film. I never felt like anything really mattered. I was too distracted by the fact that I was presented with three different realities that were somehow related to each other. I just think Zack Snyder, much like M. Night Shyamalan, should simply stick to directing.
  • Ralph: Snyder, at least, had some cool ideas. Shyamalan's writing has been going downhill for years.
  • Rick: Let's not get onto the topic of The Last Airbender, please.
  • Ralph: Fine by me.
  • *Ralph starts looking about the restaurant. He has been here for at least 10 minutes and a server still has not presented himself.*
  • Rick: Now, I know it came out almost two months ago, but I wanted to hear your thoughts on Iron Man 3.
  • Ralph: Do you REALLY want me to get started on that one?
  • Rick: Would I be asking you if I did not want to hear your opinion?
  • Ralph: Alright. You asked for it.
  • *Ralph folds his hands over the table in front of him and takes a deep breath*
  • Rick: How so?
  • Ralph: Where the FUCK was my Mandarin at? The Mandarin that I grew up with as a kid or at the very fucking least a decent modern day take on him.
  • Rick: I figured that would be the bit you wouldn't like about it.
  • Ralph: Did you like the movie?
  • Rick: As a stand-alone movie, and as a part of the Marvel FILM Universe, I enjoyed the movie. However, I can see why you are frustrated.
  • Ralph: Frustrated? I am WAY passed frustrated with that movie. I knew they weren't going to give me the Mandarin I was hoping for, but what they did was inexcusable. And what an utter waste of Sir Ben Kingsley.
  • Rick: The film doesn't have to do direct translation of the comics, does it?
  • Ralph: No. However, the way I see it, the whole point of comic-book-based-films is to bring the characters that we know and love from the comics to life on the silver screen. Just look at how the first two Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man films were done. Spider-Man looks like how Spider-Man should. The villains become who they are in such a way that comes as close as a film version can possibly get. This is what I wanted. Iron Man 3 failed in this regard.
  • Rick: Do you have some ideas of how they could have done the movie differently?
  • Ralph: Fuck yea, I do. They could have had the Mandarin actually be the main villain of the film instead of just a face for yet another jackass seeking revenge on Tony Stark.
  • Rick: Didn't the Mandarin in the comics have magic? How would have they explained that?
  • Ralph: It's not that difficult. Stark was brought into a world of aliens, MAGIC-WIELDING GODS, and monsters through the Avengers. I think it would have been just as easy to say that Iron Man's third, and possibly final, villain could have been empowered by 10 magical rings. Hell, the Mandarin could have been the ONLY main villain in the franchise that didn't have a personal vendetta against Tony Stark. That shit was getting old.
  • Rick: I think the global terrorist idea could have worked in that regard.
  • Ralph: I agree. Instead, Marvel went with the crap that they have now. What they did to the Mandarin, for me, is like taking The Joker from The Dark Knight and making him nothing more than a puppet for some other, lesser villain. So instead of The Joker being the mastermind of the whole thing, he would have been what Bane ended up being in The Dark Knight Rises. A pawn.
  • Rick: I'm not sure if that would have gone over well with fans.
  • Ralph: My point exactly.
  • Rick: Okay. What did you have to think about the new Star Trek film?
  • Ralph: Perfection.
  • Rick: Then, I think we have covered all of our bases.
  • *Rick and Ralph look at their phones, checking the time, and look to each other.*
  • Ralph: Let's get the hell out of here.
  • Rick: Lead the way.
  • *They exit the Undisclosed Location just as a fest of flames emerges from the kitchen, engulfing everything.*